The Minnesota Tool Library’s mission is to cultivate a more resilient and equitable community and reduce waste by empowering residents with access to tools, training, and workspaces.


The Minnesota Tool Library envisions a vibrant and resilient city where:

  • We reduce waste and unnecessary consumption of resources;
  • Community members are more connected and reliant on each other;
  • Resources and knowledge are shared equitably so that people have access to what they need through a robust city-wide sharing economy;
  • Community members have inspirational spaces to collaborate on creative projects;
  • Everyone is empowered to use tools and improve the quality of their homes; and
  • Individuals and the larger community can withstand environmental and economic challenges.


Trustworthiness: We seek to offer technically proficient, competent services that community members can trust and rely on.

Inclusivity: We will strive to be approachable to people from all walks of life, check our assumptions that are based in privilege, and encourage diversity of age, gender identity, race, education, ability, and sexual orientation in both our members and decision makers.

Accountability: We will make every effort to follow through on our promises and measure outcomes.

Integrity: We will seek to apply our values consistently throughout our organization, going the extra mile to ensure that our actions align with our vision and mission.

Transparency: We will work to make our decision making processes transparent and make decisions using clear criteria rather than subjective judgments.

Community Building: We will be mindful of the impacts of our work beyond our organization. We will make decisions that result in greater investment in our community and increase economic equity.